Back in college an art professor had a small red and yellow placard hanging in his home that read:
CAUTION- You may have art in your home you are unaware of.
I have always taken that to heart. I see art in my travels every day, in small details and larger patterns everywhere I go. Looking at the world this way has played a large part in my development as a photographer.
A twenty-five year member of the Cinematographer's Guild, I have been steadily putting more and more time into my still photography work, particularly over the last ten years.
My documentary work includes a trip to Standing Rock, North Dakota in 2016, The Women’s March, Washington, D.C., 2017, and the Black Lives Matter protests, Washington, D.C., 2020 as well as several ongoing series.
I work primarily in found objects and situations, industrial/architectural detail, as well as documentary and street photography. I rarely stage anything and post processing is minimal.
I am currently working on multiple series, including among others, Rural South Carolina, Curbside, Folly Beach, Suburban Lawn, Urban Street and Close on the Ground 

Park Circle Gallery, North Charleston, SC  February 2023                                                                                                 
Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, GR, Juried Fine Art Group Exhibit April/May 2023

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